Eranthis will grow quite happily in most soil types as long as the humus content is high, the soil is well drained but remains moist during the summer months.

They will grow equally well in full sun or partial shade.

Eranthis grow from small round/oval shaped dark brown tubers; they will establish better if obtained as growing plants or freshly lifted dormant tubers. Many are sold as dried tubers but these can be difficult to establish; if bought this way then they need to be soaked overnight in warm water.

They are easily propagated by seed; harvest the seed as soon as the seed pods turn brown and start to split; plant straight away, either in pots, covered with inch of compost, then inch gravel or sprinkle the seeds on the open ground and lightly rake in with your fingers.

Keep the pots/open ground moist at all times; germination will take place the following spring. I allow two growing seasons in pots before I re-pot.

On the whole little maintenance is required; if clumps get too congested then the tubers can be lifted just as the foliage is turning yellow and transplanted immediately. Large tubers can be snapped in half to increase stock.

Generally pest and disease free.


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