Article by Richard Ayres, written when he was head gardener, describing many of the new varieties of snowdrops that have been discovered including “Anglesey Abbey”, “Richard Ayres”,  “Lodestar” and “Ailwyn”

Ashwood Nurseries

Large nursery situated in Kingswinford, West Midlands and famous for its breeding of single and double hellebores. Now growing a small selection of snowdrops for sale at the nursery.

Avon Bulbs

Mail order nursery specialising in bulbs. Online ordering providing a very good range of snowdrops in spring. Now supplying a selection of snowdrops as dormant bulbs in the Autumn.

Beth Chatto Gardens

Gardens and nursery to visit.  Online ordering providing an extensive range of herbaceous plants, grasses and ferns. Snowdrops available either in the autumn or spring. Home of that beautiful snowdrop plicatus “Beth Chatto”.

Cambo Snowdrops

Situated in Fife, Scotland. 70 acres of woodland walks where nivalis and nivalis flore pleno grow in their thousands. The gardens nearer the house contain Catherine’s vast collection of specialist snowdrops, some of which are available to visitors.

Online ordering for single and double snowdrops, snowflakes and aconites.

Colesbourne Park

Situated in Colesbourne, Gloucestershire and home of the late Henry Elwes who discovered galanthus elwesii while travelling in Turkey.

The snowdrop walk is magnificent where there is the chance to see mass plantings of snowdrops such as “S.Arnott”, “Colossus”, “Magnet” and a recent discovery  “Lord Lieutenant”. Nearer the house are the rarer varieties of snowdrops, including the yellow elwesii named after Carolyn Elwes.

A visit to Colesbourne is a must for any snowdrop lover.

Snowdrops are available for sale to visitors (they can be pre-ordered)

Edrom Nurseries

Mail order nursery. Online ordering providing a vast range of alpines, bulbs and woodland plants.  Small range of snowdrops. This is where “Silverwells” was discovered.

Foxgrove Plants

You can now view their snowdrop catalogue online; an order form is available to print off and send by post.

Ivycroft Plants

Garden open under the national garden scheme. Very good range of snowdrops for sale by mail order either in spring or early summer.

Long Acre Plants

Mail order nursery specialising in woodland plants, ferns and lilies. Online ordering with a small range of snowdrops available in spring.

Matt Bishop Snowdrops

Matt, who has recently retired as head gardener of the Garden House, has decided to concentrate on growing and selling his choice snowdrops.

North Green Snowdrops

The current catalogue can now be viewed online.
Order forms can be printed and then posted;no online ordering.

Potterton’s Nursery

Mail order nursery specialising in alpines, woodland plants and bulbs. Small range of snowdrops available either in autumn or spring.

Rare Plants

Mail order nursery specialising in bulbs. A good selection of snowdrops available as dormant bulbs, between June and October. Online ordering.

Royal Horticultural Society

Many interesting aspects of all forms of gardening. Online access to the Plant Finder and Garden Finder.

Scottish Rock Garden Club

For the lovers of alpines and bulbs. Ian Young’s weekly bulb log is compulsive reading for anyone interested in growing bulbs, especially under glass. Lively, chatty forum.

Snowdrops and Snowdrop Gardens

Links to places to see snowdrops.

The Sussex Snowdrop Trust

This unique charity provides care at home for local children with any life threatening or terminal illness, with nursing, emotional and financial support for their families.

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