Anemones will grow quite happily in most soil types as long as the humus content is high, the soil is well drained but remains moist during the summer months.

Anemone blanda prefers to grow in full sun, whereas apennina, nemorosa and ranunculoides prefer dappled shade.

Anemone blanda grow from small round dark brown tubers, usually bought in bulk in the autumn. Soak the tubers overnight in warm water prior to planting; they seem to establish easier this way.

Anemone nemorosa and ranunculoides grow from dark brown rhizomes; these must never be allowed to dry out as they will desiccate very quickly. They can usually be purchased either as pot grown plants or as dormant rhizomes in the autumn, freshly lifted and packaged in moist peat. Plant them horizontally approximately 2 inches deep and 4 inches apart. In time they can spread into quite large patches. Be careful not to plant them too near small bulbs, as the rhizomes can form an impenetrable barrier.

They will all readily multiply by seed and I leave them to get on with it. I have no knowledge of trying to harvest the seed and grow in pots.

To increase the clumps the rhizomes can be lifted when dormant and broken into smaller pieces, each with a growing point; re-plant immediately. As they do not like to be disturbed they may sulk the following year by not flowering.

Generally pest and disease free.


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