Fieldgate Forte

This is a very beautiful plant and certainly ranks as one of my favourites, as do all the Fieldgate series. The outer segments have green shading near the tips and also at the base, near the ovary. The inner segments are heavily marked in green.

“As its name suggests, this cultivar was raised by Colin Mason who in the late 1990s raised a batch of seedlings from open-pollinated “Modern Art”. The flower illustrated in Snowdrops was taken from the original two or three bulbs on the day it was named. In due course this clone saw a reasonable distribution and then when visiting Sue and Wol Staines in about 2010 I was shown “Fieldgate Forte” – a pot of bulbs flowering for the first time after having been twin scaled. The difference was striking, especially in the heaviness and extent of the outer segment markings, so striking that I contacted Colin to ask for a name of what I believed at the time was a new seedling.

As it turns out that was a mistake and so “Fieldgate Fortissimo” the name chosen for the “changeling” becomes a synomyn of “F. Forte”. This very interesting clone is possibly the only hybrid which produces heavier outer segment markings on small bulbs and smaller such markings on the largest bulbs” (Matt Bishop June 2016)

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