Colesbourne Park


Colesbourne Park, home of the late Henry John Elwes, who galanthus elwesii is named after, first opened it’s gates to the snowdrop public in 1997. Since then there have been continuous improvements and additions to the garden.  For somebody, like me, who does not possess acres of land, walking around the grounds at Colesbourne and viewing the snowdrops en masse is a truly memorable experience.


Below is a bank of naturalised nivalis which overlooks the lake, famous for the surreal blue colour of the water.

Below is the magnificent display of the snowdrop “S. Arnott”.


Below is the ice-house with a bank of naturalised galanthus plicatus sub species byzantinus.


Some general views


Below is a view looking back up the slope towards “S. Arnott” which is on the left of the wooden seat. In the foreground are some of the recently planted hellebores, in a part of the garden that houses the “special” snowdrops. (2005)


A recently planted area in the garden that houses the “special” snowdrops (2008)


Some general photos from our 2009 visit

One new snowdrop that I spotted in the “specials” garden was elwesii “Mr Beany”; similar to an elwesii “Big Boy”, but with a smaller green inner mark

One snowdrop that was potted up was the magnificent elwesii “Margaret Biddulph”; to the naked eye the green on the outer segments appears as more of a wash, rather than lines

Some photos from our visit in 2010

Galanthus elwesii “Kryptonite”

Galanthus elwesii “Don Armstrong”

An unnamed green tipped elwesii

Some general photos from our 2012 visit

Dr. John Grimshaw

The specials garden has certainly matured since I last saw it in 2010

Galanthus “Green Tear”

Galanthus plicatus “Tomoko”

Galanthus “South Hayes”

Galanthus “George Elwes”

Some delicate green tipped, unnamed plants from Belgium

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